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Pelican Roto-Pack                                                                          Pelican-Hardigg Cases        
Available in 450+ sizes and styles, Pelican's
Roto-Pack and Hardigg rotomolded cases set the
industry standard for rugged, unbreakable, waterproof
shipping and storage containers.  

Looking for a quick,easy, off-the-shelf solution?  
Then pick from Pelican's Roto-Pack products.  
These include:

  • Single-Lid cases (select sizes)
  • BlackBox Rack cases
  • Specialty products (Field Desks, etc.)

Looking for a more engineered, customized solution?
Contact us to explore Hardigg's configurable cases.
Roto-Pack Single-Lid Cases
Hardigg Configurable Single-Lid Cases
Roto-Pack BlackBox Rack Cases
Roto-Pack Specialty Products
Hardigg Shockmounted Rack Cases
What is Rotomolding Anyway ?
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  • 7 standard sizes, 3U to 14U rack units
  • 24" rack depth
  • One 2" deep lid and  One 5" deep lid with
  • 450+ sizes
  • Hinged or removable lids
  • Choose zinc or stainless steel hardware
  • Many other options available
  • Choose from Hardigg's Classic Rack,
    Super Mac, Mac or Pro Rack frames
  • Multiple U-heights and rack lengths
  • Multiple shock packages available
  • Download brochure
  • Advantages include more material in
    corners and edges for added impact
  • Greater size and variety
  • Single and Double-Duty Field Desks
  • Trunk and Footlockers
  • 4 and 8 drawer Medchests